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Software should be awesome. Since I am a daily web app user, I love it when the app I'm using allows me to produce awesome results. That's why I also take care of awesomeness in my products and not only of the money.


To compete against other, your software should look great and implement the latest technological standards. Normally this should not be a big thing, assuming you are using the right tools. I do.


We can not expect our users to run our products only on one device or environment. I as a developer feel responsible for a responsive design of my products. A responsive software design should be a standard for every new project.

Clean Code

As a enthusiastic programmer I love clean code and a clean architecture of my products. The principles of clean code can be easily adapted to all project management phases. Principles like DRY or SOLID can be used for every document. So I do.

“...To develop, sell and support a successful software product a business needs to understand its market, identify the opportunity, develop and market an appropriate piece of software...”

This is what I can do for you

Who I am?

  • Florian Sauter

    I'm currently studying software product management at the Hochschule Furtwangen University. Previously I've worked as a software developer at a medium sized business, mainly focused on a web hosting platform. Beside my study, I'm running my own small business (obviously, you're on my official website), developing applications and support my customers as good as I can.

Developing Software...

Developing software products is a really great job today. It can be fun. It is fun. But there is a point where you can't rely on your developing skills. Too often I've seen big conflicts between software developers and the marketing manager or product manager, struggling about the cost efficiency and building a perfect software, the cleanest code or overkilling testing scenarios. Conversation like this (we all know) are kind of tiring and sometimes even stressful. Now what is going wrong? Eventually a lot and it would cost to much lines of text to explain all factors (there are plenty of books doing this out there). But the question is: Can I do better? Can I help you? Yes I can. Read on to find out why...

Managing Software Products...

Thanks to my current study I have the ability to constantly improve my previous knowledge of managing projects. Due to the theoretical management and social aspects I've gained a large practical knowledge base which I can combine with my present development and working experience. By that I can understand and mediate between both, the project manager's and the developer's point of view. I'm here to help you getting your product "time-to-market" ready. From a marketing and programming point of view. By relying on modern tools and a great knowledge of software product management combined with awesome developing skills I can ensure you the best results for a successful software product.

What Do I Really Do?

The main question is, what can I do for you? Let me tell you some more about my practical skills. Of course, some basic technical skills like HTML, XML, CSS are not listed.

The Practical Thing...

Programming Languages Etc.

Java, PHP, Perl, Python, JS, Dart...

“Do you know one, you know them all”


Seam, GWT, GXT, GWTP, Laravel, Bootstrap, Sencha Touch, jQuery Mobile...

My Skills

Project management

Web development

App development

Software development

Other Stuff I've Worked With

Openshift, AppEngine, Git, SVN, Mercurial, JBoss, Apache, WebGL, Social APIs (like FB or G+)...

And even more experience

Scrum, ITIL, Quality Management, Requirements Engineering...

Enough talking. Now back to business!

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